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Mail address & head office
La Maison d'Aïna
3348 Chemin Saint Donat
13100 Aix-en-Provence
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France: Mme Nahida Coussonnet-Cé
+33(0)9 63 27 08 42.
Madagascar: Mme Hanta
0026 1 34 67 014 28.

WHAT THE ORGANIZATION La Maison d’Aïna is all about?

 maison-daina1 La maison d'Aïna or LMA is a Non Governmental Organization totally dedicated to charity. We founded it in July 2002 in memory of and in accordance with the wish of our daughter Aïna (Aïna means “Life” in the vernacular) who died of on 25th February 2002, aged 9 and a half. However our charity-oriented action in Madagascar was not triggered off by our daughter’s passing away, we actually started in 1992 with the organization named “Voatsara” (meaning the Good Seed) thus, we have been operational in the paediatrics wards of the hospitals in Antananarivo for over 15 years now. (1992-2007).
Our organization aims at improving the living conditions of families and children, especially among the underprivileged population in the rural or isolated areas.

LMA started being operational in Madagascar in October 2003. From then on, over 1000 people have benefited or are still benefiting from the organization’s actions and programmes which deal, year in year out with voluntary work by trying to provide the beneficiaries with access to:

» Nutritional and medical assistance,,
» Family planning and counselling,
» Education and formation in agriculture, handcraftsmanship, professional integration, electricity and shelter repairing.
Join us in transforming the lives and these villages! With pleasure sow and reap full of smiles ...
LMA was founded and managed by Alex and Hanta Châteaux. Our operation for a practical, effective, dynamic but non-political altruistic action, though being basically prompted by our Christian denomination and convictions, does not by any means aim to gain converts for any particular church.The organization’s purpose is to help improve the living conditions of poor families and children so that they should recover their human dignity and secure a safer future life by enabling people from all walks of life to support in different ways such as child-sponsorship.
To be underlined : Our deontology is neither to play "Father Christmas" nor to do welfare work relatively to Malagasy people but to promote an enrichment which goes both ways.
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